Tuesday 17th September

Slept really well and got up about 7.30 and put sheets and towels on to wash.   Jayne and I took Suki up on the moor - rather misty but sun kept struggling through and it was very warm. When we got to Haytor car park there were lots of ponies and foals around, including one pony who clearly wanted an ice cream! We walked over Hay Tor and down to the tramway then back through the quarry.  We went to see Mary on the way back and stayed with her for about an hour, then home for a cup of tea and I had a soulful pot for lunch.  Packed the car and set off  home just before 2 pm.  A good run home and got in just after 5.  Mike on conference call so I made some tea and when he had finished we had a nice chat.  He took Suki for a walk and I emptied the car and put things away.  We had Lahori curry for supper and then went off to Chiswick Choir.  A good rehearsal followed by a working group meeting.  Then agreed (reluctantly) to go to the pub so I didn't get to bed until midnight. Tried the hairband on Suki for Mike to keep her under control - but she still ran off up the road.

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