Sunday 31st August

Went to 8 am in separate cars because Mike doing readings then playing organ.  I did the usual rounds, treating myself to a chocolate croissant for breakfast.  Then spent the rest of the day sorting out the back bedroom.  Mike rang QP at Barnes at mid-day and walked the dog in the afternoon.  I finished moving the furniture around and assembled the second futon at about 5 pm, then spent a couple of hours putting everything back that I had dumped in the front bedroom.  It was actually great fun, and I was very pleased with the result, but absolutely whacked.  At 7.30 we walked up to Chiswick High Road intending to go to Indian but it was closed, so we walked on and went to Saigon Saigon instead.  Lovely meal and several Vietnamese beers.  Collapsed into bed absolutely exhausted and went straight to sleep.
The new futons with the throw over them in position - just missing the new cushions now
The new arrangement
Repositioned wardrobe and chest of drawers with photos now hanging on wall

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