Tuesday 2nd September

Got up late after another good night's sleep.  Not quite so many aches and pains today.  Typed letter for Joyce then took suki out about 10.30 and delivered it on the way back.  Caught up with email admin etc.  Spent most of the rest of the day on the handbell music in MuseScore.  Sevdie came in the afternoon as Svetla on holiday.  Mike out between 11 and 2 getting car serviced.  Late lunch of soulful pots Mexican bean.  Took suki out again at 6 to southfields.  Bumped into Rachel Cooper.  Nearly finished Time Machine on Audible.  In evening mike tried to fix cassette deck - eject button not working  - but without success.  Went to bed with glass red wine and watched Wycliffe on ipad.

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