Thursday 4th September

Cleared the paperwork today - scanning and shredding it all. Decided to registrar for Ocado shopping so as to get soulful pots. Got £20 off and free delivery. It took ages to browse stuff and I stopped when I got to the minimum spend as i had had enough by then. I was impressed that I could import my favourites from other supermarkets. Lorraine in stroppy teenager mode today shutting herself away in the living room and lying on the couch watching programmes on her iPad all day.  We barely spoke.  She managed to get the washing line out of the hole where it had been stuck for two days.  I did the ironing in the afternoon and watched some Wyclyffe - carrying on to watch it on live tv in the evening while I had some pasta and a lager. Had the evening to myself as Lorraine working and mike at Cantanti for first rehearsal with Stephen in charge. Went to bed early. 

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