Saturday 12 July

Got up at 8 to say goodbye to John and Iona who went off to Paris at 9 am.  I took Suki to Acton Park for a wander.  Mike went to District meeting at Ruislip.  In the afternoon did scanning and shredding and generally caught up with admin.  Phone still not registered on network.  Went to Geoffrey's farewell concert at Sunbury church in the evening.  Mike rang in nice QP of Double Norwich beforehand which sounded good when we arrived.  Excellent concert - lots of my favourites and finished up with Just A Song. Lots of ex-Cantanti people who joined choir for Zadok and I Was Glad.  Monica picked me up and drove me home, so enjoyed a couple of glasses of white wine too.  Mike went to after concert party and got in at 2 am!
Geoffrey speaking at his farewell concert

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