Tuesday 15 July

Mary's 92nd birthday. Sent flowers from flower shop in Bovey and homemade card with photo of her aged 1 on the front.  Relished the prospect of all day and evening to myself.  Mike went to work and Lorraine over at Carolyn's for second viewing of new flat.  Took suki to Acton park for a longish walk then did lots of bits and pieces getting ready for going away. Contacted o2 via web chat and got new sim activated. Also updated Chiswick choir web site and prepared a page for recruitment documents.  In the afternoon packed cases for Evesham and Butlins and cleared dog stuff out of the car. Had lovely long chat with Jayne on the phone and helped her solve laptop problem.  Had jacket potato with cheese and tuna for supper and watched silent witness before having an early night.  When Mike came in he had huge rope burn round his neck where he had nearly hanged himself ringing at Bramley in Hants.  He had taken two work colleagues to show them what ringing was all about!
The rope burn round Mike's neck!

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