Saturday 4 July

Lorraine and friends set off for Lake District at 9 am and Mike went off to Harefield to help with middx training event. I had a lovely morning. Gave suki a short walk as we were intending going to Richmond Park in the afternoon. Sent out new member pack, practiced Cambridge Royal on Abel and scanned in all Mary's old photos - with the intention of making a photo book for her birthday. Rained on and off most of the day so when mike came in we deferred trip to the park and finished off pate and toast for lunch and watched ladies final and Tour de France. Finally went out at 6. Got oil on pink top and pink cut offs so not a happy bunny! Much less traffic at that time in the park so better for hand cycling and made for a nice walk too. Walked suki along Beverley brook and back throwing a ball all the way. Only lost one! Had fish with watercress and Stilton sauce, broad beans, and my potatoes. Only really enjoyed the potatoes but mike thought it was ok. Watched silent witness with a beer before going to bed.

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