Saturday 19th July

Awake from 3.45 - heavy rain with thunder and lightning.  Got up at 6.30 and got ready leisurely.  Went to breakfast at 7.40 and discovered it was 8 am breakfast at the weekend!  However they were very good and brought out tea and coffee and toast and all the cereals and fruit were out.  They started taking cooked orders early too. Torrential rain all morning.  Sat in car to cross stitch.  Rang QP of plain bob major in hand in yard behind pub at Broadway.  Excellent ploughman's for lunch. Dried up for a short while at lunchtime then torrential thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Hammered down on the car while I was sitting in it and I was concerned I would be struck by lightning although I assumed rubber tyres would insulate me.  Had a snooze during first QP - which they lost in the 9th extent when Malcolm lost control of his bell. Sun had come out when I woke up.  Began to feel distinctly unwell during the afternoon with indigestion and flu like aches. Tummy rumbling away although no cramps.  Last QP of the day at Great Hampton was very good - Lincolnshire.  Got back to hotel and had cup of tea and a shower to see if it helped - it did a little but I had to force myself to go to the end of tour dinner when all I wanted to do was lie down.  I had a J2o to drink and managed to eat most of the prawn and crab cocktail starter,  but when the roast chicken was put in front of me my stomach turned over and I couldn't eat any of it.  I managed the pudding as it was an easy to eat parfait and survived the speeches before succumbing and retiring to bed at 9.30.  Slept heavily except for when running to the loo!
Our bear at the dinner
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