Thursday 3 July

Suki hopping about in three legs when she got up and was holding her back leg up and looking pathetic so decided not to take her for a walk. However she had a miraculous recovery at 11 when the postman arrived so I took her for a quick walk round Wendell. Went for lunch with Len and Janet at Bill's in Covent Garden. Brilliant. Had two bottles of rose wine between us over several hours and I had a great rump steak followed by Eton mess. They witnessed my will so at last I have a will in place. Only got home at 6! Lorraine was in when I got home - she had got a job that afternoon doing relief work with Srreet Rescue. Tried to take suki out for a walk in the evening but she didn't want to know so I didn't force her. Watched silent witness with a cup of tea and then had a nice early night and watched Quirke on iPad with another cup of tea,

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