Wednesday 23rd

Had a much better night's sleep.  Woke up once with very bad cramp and was awake at 5 with screeching gulls then noisy deliveries.  Gave up at 6.30 and watched an episode of mock the week on ipad before getting up and having a shower.  Made porridge again. Leanne did a load of laundry - she Ollie and Carolyn went off to find breakfast and play in the play area.  Lorraine,  Amanda, Bethany,  John and I went in to Bognor - John took the noddy train and the rest of us walked along the sea front.  Another beautiful sunny day.  After a little time we split into two groups.  John and I went to Boots and then wandered right round the town.  We all met up in the coffee shop.  I only had a latte but then helped Lorraine out with her gooseberry and elderflower cake (with icing! ). John and I then went back on the noddy train and the girls stayed on for more shopping.  I had an hour to myself guarding the chalet as the windows were wide open with washing all over the place while the others went for a photo shoot with scoobydoo and other activities with Ollie.  Ollie went on the coin operated go karts for kids and managed to fall out of his when he crashed it - but he got back on despite bruises.  When they got back I took him swimming as Lorraine had a bad headache.  Amazing how long he can be amused by telling me he is coming down the yellow slide and then coming down the red,  or vice versa.  Pool closed at 5 and then Ollie stayed in for a half hour swimming lesson which Lorraine had booked for him.  We tried the American diner in the evening but after ordering drinks I felt it was too noisy for me with not much on the menu I fancied. However Ollie was totally bowled over by the singing waitress!  So John,  Leanne and Ollie stayed there while Amanda, Carolyn and I finished our drinks and went to Beachcomber.  Carolyn's pie was cold so we sent it back and got a refund as she didn't want to eat.  I had a very nice hunter's chicken.  We shared a couple of bottles of rose wine.  Went to bed with Ovaltine when we got back but didn't get to sleep until about 11.
Mitzi Belle - singing waitress       John and Ollie at the Diner

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