Sunday 13 July

Got up early to walk Suki and go to 8 am.  Mike playing organ at convent.  Had porridge at Gail's for breakfast which was very good.  Rang at Barnes and Chiswick then came home and did ironing and mended hole in Mike's jacket pocket.  Went off to Steve and Mary's at 1 pm and rang handbells with Steve - minor.  Suki was very good - quite quiet and lay on her fleece for a while.  We didn't get a peal but did ring a QP of spliced plus Norfolk.  They went off to Molesey to ring a QP and I took Suki for a walk along the river Crane - rather a lot of people around but otherwise very pleasant.  I couldn't make the keys work when I got back and thought I was in for a long wait on the doorstep but luckily the next door neighbour came out and saw me and showed me the knack of unlocking the chub!  Just as well as the QP was delayed and they only came back at 7.30.  Mary made the most delicious Penne Arrabiata followed by exquisite Tiramasu for supper and we all watched the world cup final which was won by Germany in extra time. I took non-alcoholic beer and wine with me to drink so I could drive which worked very well.  Got home just after 11 and went to bed with ovaltine and scotch.
Mary's Tiramasu

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