Friday 1 August

Went up to the moor and did the circuit from small car park up to Black Hill then down to the main tramway and back along that to the car park without taking in the quarry.  Quite warm (I was ok in just a T-shirt) but grey and overcast.  Then went to see Mary and had a coffee with her.  The exercise lady turned up and everyone started throwing balls in the air in the lounge which made Suki bark, so Mary and I went and sat outside with Iris.  Came home just after 12 and immediately went off to the shops to get some stuff for veg pasta sauce, and we popped in to the pet shop for a new collar - where Suki got lots of treats.  Then we went to the post office for a new home card for Carolyn, and Suki got more treats!  Once home again I prepared the veg and had a couple of lettuce sandwiches for lunch with the nice lettuce Ann gave me yesterday.  Then went up to the church at 2.30 to ring for a 3 pm wedding.  It was raining heavily by then so I got out my new raincoat which is a lot brighter than I remembered!  The bride was 40 mins late and I was getting a bit anxious about the time.  Barry was asleep and rushed up to the tower when Tony rang him to see where he was.  We had a cup of tea in the church rooms while the wedding was going on and then gave them a quick burst of ringing at the end.  Came home and cooked the pasta sauce then took Suki for a walk round the block as it was still raining heavily.  Cooked some pasta when I got in and at my meal and washed up, leaving the rest of the sauce for Jayne.  She got in about 6.15 and was disappointed not to have got my futons and sunlounger.  Apparently the department had closed at 5.45 which is when she finishes work too - so it wasn't clear how she could actually pick them up!  She was exhausted - I made her a cup of tea.  Ann picked me up at 7.  Lisa and Bob not now coming as well so we were able to go to Asda and I got some more milk.  Then we went to the Wolborough practice which was very good and enjoyable.  Ann rang a nice touch of Grandsire triples to finish.  Got home at 9.30 but Jayne had gone to bed.  Had a hot drink and a plum liquor and took a Nytol to see if they worked and how I would feel tomorrow.  Went to sleep at 10 pm.

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