Saturday 2 August

Slept very heavily - must have been the Nytol.  Excellent sleep and could have stayed in longer, but got up at 7.30 so as not to waste the day.  Had a leisurely start, and put on some washing, including sheets etc.  Took Suki for a walk to Yarner Wood.  Walked around the perimeter and then back along what appeared to be the main path.  Didn't meet up with Templar way so presumably there is more to explore, and the wood is much bigger than I had at first thought.  It took over an hour.  Came home and hung out rest of washing - day getting brighter and sunnier all the time.  Then put first coat of paint on the laundry basket.  Very pleased.  Spent an hour doing blog, then put second coat of paint on. Even more pleased.  And managed to do it without getting paint everywhere or on me - although it got a bit windy and I had to take shelter in the porch.
The newly painted basket drying in the sun
Took Suki out for a walk from the house about 5 - through Mill Marsh Park which was full of people eating food so I had to keep warding Suki off - then into Parke and down by the river then back along the track and past the library.  Jayne brought the futons back with her when she got in from work.  She got changed and we walked into town to see the carnival.  When we got to the High Street at 6.30 we found we had missed the floats.  So we walked down to Le Molay to see if they were parked up there - but there was no sign of them.  Then we had a drink at Riverside and waited for the rock band in the car park to start up, but 20 mins later we were still waiting and getting hungry so we decided to go and eat first.  Tried the Indian restaurant but they were fully booked, so went to the Cromwell and had a lovely meal of lamb leg steak followed by chocolate creme brulee, with two large glasses of wine, in the restaurant.  Wandered back down to Riverside and just before we got there heard them announce they were going off for a break and back in 20 mins!  So we waited in the car park and of course they were longer than 20 mins but Jayne was determined by then so we stayed.  Lovely fireworks at 10.  Band started up just before and were ok, but not really playing the songs we would have called classic rock.  Got home and had hot drink and finished off the Prucia then went to bed about 11.30!!

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