Thursday 21st August

Went back to Savernake Forest with map and compass plus guide book I had found in the cottage and had a wonderful two and a half hour walk without getting lost once!  Saw interesting monument which had once been in Hammersmith, and a folly in the form of a column.  Parked at the end of Grand Avenue. Finished the last of the books on Audible, so joined myself and purchased a Ruth Rendell one which I shall save for journey to Devon next month. Cross stitched all afternoon again - working on the Wolf with earnest now.  Kids outside playing pool all afternoon again.  Wi Fi working well again so listened to some programmes On Demand on the radio iPlayer and found some gems - such as a complete Agatha Christie dramatisation.  Finished off the pasta in the evening and had a lager and then half a bottle of wine - so didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked!

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