Saturday 16th August

Got up early as didn't seem much point staying in bed.  So very organised and had plenty of time for breakfast,  walking suki and packing the car.  Council finally turned up and collected old furniture from outside house. Set off for Wantage at 10.45 and arrived at court hill centre in good time.  Helped mike set up his bed and then we went to the pub meet.  Had lunch and sorted bike out and left him to it!  Went to Aldbourne and picked up key from post office about 3.40.  Cottage small but lovely.  Everything seems very new with modern kitchen and bathroom.  Unpacked and had cup of tea and chilled for a bit.  Enjoyed Scotch egg and crisps,  followed by baklava and Italian filled biscuit for supper -all from yesterday's festival.  Went for a walk at 6 for an hour up bridleway behind church.  Owner came for security deposit at 7.20.  Then had glass of wine and watched a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory.  At 8.30 had shower and went to bed with hot drink.  Took nytol and read book for half an hour.  Went to sleep at 9.
The rather twee bedroom - note sloping ceiling so unable to sit up and read, also bedside cabinets fitted in sideways so unable to access sockets or shelves

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