Friday 22nd August - Dad's Birthday

Suki very reluctant to go up the bridleway for a walk so ended up walking round the village in the morning which she seemed to enjoy.  Then popped to Co-op and bought stuff for lunch for Mike's lunch group.  About 1 pm went and sat by the pond so that I could see them arrive - Neil and Simon were first and went off to the Blue Boar (they had a grid ref but not the name of the pub).  Everyone else arrived a little while later, and Suki spotted Mike before I did.  We sat in the courtyard of the Crown - and Neil and Simon finally came back to join us!  I joined Mike's food group for lunch and planned to have a couple of beers and a snooze in the afternoon - but during my first beer Mike announced that he would like me to take the chair back to the Court Hill Centre after ringing at Aldbourne because it would not go up the tower at Lambourn which was the next, and final tower of the afternoon.  I went back to the cottage and listened to the final part of the Agatha Christie dramatisation, and then Simon, Neil, Sylvia, Lawrence, Mark and Mike came over for a cup of tea.  Once they had left I washed up and then took the chair over to the centre and took Suki for a walk along the Ridgeway from there.  On the way back I saw Mike in the car park of the Swan and pulled in to see if I could join him for a drink, but he had just finished one so I carried on back to the cottage.  I ate up the last of the bread and cheese for supper by having cheese on toast, and finished off the red wine too.

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