Sunday 10th August

Slept badly again.  Remains of Hurricane Bertha hit during the night and still raining hard when I got up at 6.20 so decided to have breakfast first before taking Suki out.  Rain had stopped by 8 when I went out.  Went up to ringing in sunshine!  Stayed to communion then went back home.  We decided to go home later in the afternoon to try and avoid traffic and high winds so I changed the bedding and washed the sheets, and put the hoover on, and had a catnap!  Left at 3 and went for a lovely walk in Haldon Woods on the way home. Lovely sunshine although still quite breezy.  Had cup of tea and iced bun when we got back to the car.  Went via A303 because of delays on M5 which pleased Mike.  Got home about 8.30 and had veg tikka massala from freezer plus a bottle of Wild River which we had got from Sainsbury. Dad's sofas had arrived and were on their end in the living room - so still room for Mike to turn round.  Lorraine had sprayed them with a full can of carpet freshner so they didn't smell too badly of smoke.  Had a reasonably early night and took a Nytol.

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