Monday 11th August

Went to Vets at 10 - Suki got lots of treats and three Kong balls which had been chewed by another dog so could not be sold.  Have to take a urine sample from her!  When I got back Svetla helped me move all the furniture around, and hoover in the corners, and put the old chair, plus the chair from the bedroom and the old sofa bed to be dumped outside the front door.  It all looked great but we realised the cushions were missing - Carolyn had kept them so that Lorraine had something to sleep on.  They came back later in the afternoon with Lorraine.  I arranged for Council to pick up chairs etc to be dumped, and arranged for futons to come up from Devon and sofa, chair and organ to be taken back to Devon at the end of the month. Went ringing in the evening at Chiswick and saw that the flowers in church were dedicated to Dad this week - a bit early but at least I got to see them.  They were beautiful too - this lovely vase next to the plaque, and then several huge vases of beautiful white flowers.

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