Saturday 9th August

Got up very early to walk Suki and then go over to Tim's for 9.30 to have another go at the Carlisle 23 in hand.  Successful this time - at last.  Then had a go at the London ones.  Went to Sainsbury's on the way back for some beer and dressings.  Then after a quick lunch of re-heated kebab took Suki out for a walk in Bovey Valley Woods and then picked up Mary and brought her back to the house for a cup of tea. Suki discovered Futon was rather comfy!
Ringers social in the evening.  Mike went to the ringing bit at Bob's but I stayed at the house so that I could see Jayne properly before going home tomorrow.  Met up with ringers at the Cromwell and had a nice dinner of olives and nachos (delicious) and cheesecake (not so good - more like marscaponi!).

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