Tuesday 26th August

Phoned vets and managed to get appointment brought forward to this afternoon – making tomorrow morning less of a rush to get over to Highbury for 11.30 am. When I got to vets found out he had expected Suki to have started taking the tablets – I didn’t know they were waiting for me at the front.  So he examined her and gave her the tablets and that was another £69. Showed Mike what I had done on the MuseScore software and then he told me there was a version for handbells by his bed which is the one he wanted transposed!  Still it had been a useful exercise in familiarising myself with the software.  Spent a couple of hours in the evening setting up a fresh score for the handbell version and entering the notes.  Sounds very pretty although a bit 4-square.  Did some more practice on Abel for tomorrow.  Mike went out to ring QPs at Magnus.  Had a glass of Lorraine's white wine and went to bed early with a hot drink.

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