Monday 18th August

Struggled to get mobile signal or connect to the wi if all day. Tried the Aldbourne circular route this morning but it involved going up the busy B4172 and I soon gave that up. Went round the public footpath at the back of the school and then started up the bridleway but suki not particularly interested in following me so sat down for a while in a field in the sunshine and then went back to the cottage and did cross stitch - the poppies this time. Rained heavily in the afternoon so only went out for a walk about 4. Drove up the 4172 to the start of the circular route to do a shortened version. Start was in a really bad state although ok once I was up in the ridge. Cut it short when I heard from Maryanne that she would be arriving over an hour earlier than originally intended. She arrived about 6 and we had a cup of tea and rearranged the cottage to open up the sofa bed and then went for a lovely meal at The Crown. Also able to use their free wi fi. Got in at 9.30 and watched tv for half an hour then went to bed and I went straight to sleep.

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