Sunday 17th August

Slept until 7.50 - nearly 11 hours!  Lovely.  Took suki for quick walk round the block as no garden then had some porridge and caught up with blog - found wi if code in guest book. Went out for two and a half hour walk with Suki. Went up byway to do circular walk back by bridleway. Footpath near M4 had been sown with maize which was impenetratable so had to walk along busy brown road for a bit - had to put waterproofs on at this stage too as it started to pour with rain. Glad of waterproof trousers for rest of walk as lots of long wet grass. Next part of byway was closed under voluntary restriction but I managed to go alongside it along the edge of a field until it went into the wood. Lovely walk back along the bridleway though.  Left suki in the cottage and popped to co op and bought pasta, sauce, soup and lager for supper. Cooked a nice meal and had a glass of wine and had another early night.

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