Wednesday 27th August

After taking Suki out, went over to Peter B’s house to ring some Oxford TB with Duncan from the Channel Islands. Broken down train at Acton Central and was delayed so my efforts to get there earlier were a bit wasted, but I arrived about 11.45 and had coffee and cake. Then went home and took in a kebab from Forest for lunch. Added a few more notes to the handbell music score – and correct some notes Mike had spotted on the transposed version which I had sent him. Walked Suki again before going to Guy’s.  Rang my first peal of Rutland Major on an inside pair – 5-6 – although I didn’t get to ring the 3-4 course at all!  Was really pleased and as we had finished by 9 pm went for a quick drink with David and Peter before going home.  Was too full of kebab to eat any supper – although before going to bed I did eat a rather soggy caramel shortbread I had purchased at the hospital in case I was hungry.

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